• Fiskars Non-Stick Scissors 8″
  • White Duck Tape
  • Twin Tip Sharpies
  • Metallic Gold Twine
  • 2 – 16″ BBQ Skewers
  • Ruler

Start by cutting 3 pieces of twine at least 20″ long.
cut about a 12″ strip of white duck tape off the roll and place it sticky side up on your work surface.
Place each strip of tape under the twine and carefully + evenly fold it over the twine… creating your bunting!

Now just trim the edges off each rectangle to form the little flags – aren’t they adorable!?

Using your favorite color of Sharpie, add your letters to each flag. This can be done using any permanent marker, but I’m using the new dual-tip Sharpies so that I have extra control of my design.

Carefully tie each bunting strand in between two BBQ skewers. Trim the excess twine after you are done. I actually painted these skewers white beforehand which you can do as well, or you can leave them the bamboo color.

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