Learn How to Crochet Easy Basics for Absolute Beginner part 1

Learn How to Crochet Easy Basics for Absolute Beginner 

Hi all :) you know me i love learning new things , so, few weeks ago i started learning how to crochet and it was amazing  ,  today i'm going to start sharing with you what i learned and what i will learn about crochet .
most people  think that learning crochet is difficult   but in fact i found it very easy and fun 

to start learning crochet you need some materials
- yarn
- crochet hook
- scissors

here is a video with everything you need to know if you don't like to read too much :p 

ok so now if you have all tools ready you should start by doing a slip
knot ( you make a circle with the yarn then slide the yarn into the circle and pull )

Chain Stitch

A chain creates the foundation of just about every crochet project. Luckily, it's not very hard to do, and you'll be a pro at it in no time! 
to start insert the hook into the slip knot you have done 

Now, wrap the yarn around your hook from the back to the front (make sure you're working with the yarn connected to the ball and not the tail end dangling from the slip knot. . . I've made that mistake before!), and grab it with the end of your hook (this is called a yarn over, and you'll continue using it to make your stitches)

Pull this loop that you just grabbed down through the loop that's already on your hook
Now keep going--grab a loop of the working yarn and pull it through the loop on your hook.
For demonstration purposes, I'm going to work with a chain of 11

Single Crochet

We made our chain from left to right--now we work our first row of single crochet back across from right to left (other than when you're making a chain, you'll always crochet from right to left).
to make a single crochet you must insert the hook into the loop then yarn over and bring the yarn through the loop then yarn over again and pull through the two loops you have on the hook

at the end you will have something that looks like this

that was the first post of " learn how to crochet" serie if you like this post please share it with friends ad follow us for more posts and tutorials , if you have any question please feel free to to ask ;) dont forget to leave a comment .Have a nice day 

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