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· ALOULOU Mortadha ·

Content Creator

Hi, I'm Mortada. I have a ton of nicknames - you can call me Morta like all my friends. I’m a designer, crafter, web entrepreneur and a lot of other things.        I love learning new skills, processes and general know-how. Blogging  is my passion. I love designing cards and other printables in Photoshop. Cooking Baking is a recent obsession, although I am not as inclined to it as crafting, though that may be because I still need improvement on it.
Want to tell me something, give me suggestions, talk about sponsorship or even send me something for review. Email me and let's talk.

· BOUK'HILI Aymen ·

Design Graphic

I fall in love with design since a very long. It was my ambition to work as a graphic designer. I sacrificed a lot of things and surpassed obstacles to learn it. People had no idea how important it was for me. My goal is to become a famous designer that can help other people, be able to showcase a work that will play a role in developing designing for the better.
I have a passion for design logos, UI/UX design and advertising.
If you have a question or just want to say hi, Contact me.

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